Asbestos-backed Vinyl Flooring Removal Service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Typically, asbestos backed vinyl flooring is made up of 100% asbestos. To ensure your safety, this type of asbestos removal work must be done using a full enclosure with negative air extraction units.

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Removing Damaged Asbestos Flooring Safely

There is a low risk of exposure to asbestos if the asbestos flooring remains undamaged due to the asbestos backing being sealed from the atmosphere by the overlaying vinyl. However, if the asbestos flooring has been damaged and needs to be removed, it is important that this asbestos material is removed safely.

Traditional methods of removing asbestos involve encapsulation of the area requiring plastic containment, negative air units, generators, decontamination units, full face positive air masks etc. The asbestos floors would then be removed using electrical jackhammers and by dry grinding the floor.

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Licensed Asbestos Flooring Removal Experts

B&C Asbestos Removals team are professional, experienced – and most importantly – licensed asbestos flooring removal experts. Our asbestos floor tile and floor sheeting removal techniques are safe and comply with the all regulations necessary to ensure that there is no risk to the health of anyone nearby. The flooring material will be taken up, removed and disposed of to comply with Australian law.

Why Remove Asbestos Flooring From Your Property?

Removing asbestos flooring from your property and disposing of it properly benefits both your family and the environment. We make sure your property is completely free from this harmful flooring material. By doing so, we help you avoid further exposure to asbestos, which can cause serious health problems.

Our asbestos removal process includes:

  • Wetting down the millboard while it is still attached to the floor to minimise particulate release.
  • Putting the tiles and floor sheeting in a 200-micron plastic waste bag. Alternatively, we may use a dedicated container specifically used for asbestos waste that is clearly labeled with a warning.
  • Removing any adhesive that is remaining on the floor using the scraper or blade and put it in the same bag or container.
  • We clean, decontaminate, remove and dispose of the waste to ensure the area is again safe to be re-occupied by humans.

Asbestos Flooring Removal Across The Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast Area

The experienced asbestos flooring removal team at B&C Asbestos Removals are able to remove asbestos flooring at properties located anywhere in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast area – Contact us today for a free asbestos flooring removal quote.