Asbestos Insulation Removal Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Don’t Risk Doing it Yourself

Asbestos was once a commonly used insulator in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast properties because of the fact that it is fire/heat resistant, highly flexible and strong in tensile strength. Although the use of the mineral group was regulated under section 112 of the Clean Air Act (1970), it remains in circulation throughout a variety of products and materials, most notably building insulation.

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Does Your Property Require Asbestos Insulation Removal?

When it comes asbestos insulation removal, any house built before 1980 in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast will probably contain asbestos products. Before doing a house demolition or renovation, and to avoid exposure to asbestos particles, it is best and recommended to have the house inspected by a qualified asbestos professional from B&C Asbestos Removals.

Hire A Professional For Your Asbestos Insulation Removal

Samples will be collected from suspect materials within the property and will be tested for asbestos. Building materials containing asbestos can look exactly like materials that do not contain asbestos, so it is crucial that an experienced inspector takes samples for testing by a qualified laboratory. This is the only way to distinguish the difference. Once the testing has confirmed the presence of asbestos in your insulation, don’t take any risks by trying to remove the asbestos insulation yourself. Call on the team from B&C Asbestos Removals to have the work carried out safely and to exacting standards.

Don’t take a risk with your health, or the health of anyone else who visits your property – Contact the experienced team at B&C Asbestos Removals for a free asbestos insulation removal quote today.

In some houses, the asbestos-containing materials can be in poor condition and therefore are a risk to the technicians collecting a sample.

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