Asbestos Gaskets & Rope Seals Removal

Don’t Risk Doing it Yourself

Asbestos gaskets and rope seals are generally regarded as being friable.

Gaskets reinforced with asbestos can quite often be between the flanges of pipes in old plant and equipment. These gaskets were often subject to high pressure and/or temperatures which over time has degraded the flanges and allow the asbestos to become brittle and potentially fibres become airborne which in turn provides a risk to the health of those working on or near the plant.

An asbestos rope was often utilised for sealing hatches on lagging pipes and valves. As with gaskets, the asbestos rope becomes brittle with age and particulates can become airborne, presenting health risks to those working in the immediate vicinity of the asbestos.

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Does Your Plant Require Asbestos Gasket & Rope Removal?

When it comes to gasket or rope removal, any commercial/industrial property built before 1980 in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast will probably contain asbestos products. Before doing a demolition or renovation, and to avoid exposure to asbestos particles, it is best and recommended to have the house inspected by a qualified asbestos professional from B&C Asbestos Removals.

Get a Professional For Your Asbestos Gasket and Ropes Removal

Samples will be collected from suspect materials within the property and will be tested for asbestos. Materials containing asbestos can look exactly like materials that do not contain asbestos, so it is crucial that an experienced inspector takes samples for testing by a qualified laboratory. This is the only way to distinguish the difference. Once the testing has confirmed the presence of asbestos in your gaskets and sealing ropes, don’t take any risks by trying to remove the asbestos gaskets or ropes yourself. Call on the team from B&C Asbestos Removals to have the work carried out safely and to exacting standards.

Don’t take a risk with your health, or the health of anyone else who visits your property – Contact the experienced team at B&C Asbestos Removals for a free asbestos removal quote today.

To ensure the safe removal of the asbestos gaskets and ropes we ensure that:

  • Equipment and plant and have been made safe –  and that the equipment has been properly shut down, the pipework has been emptied and that the electrical supply has been isolated.
  • We carefully take the equipment apart and use the correct grade of plastic sheeting to protect the other components.
  • Using a fine water mist, we dampen the asbestos as it becomes accessible to prevent asbestos fibres and dust from becoming airborne.
  • Where scraping is required we make sure to use an industrial vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter to clear minute asbestos fibres and dust.