Asbestos Removal Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Don’t Take a Risk with Asbestos Removal Get A Professional Team

Am I at Risk?

If your residence was built between the 1930s and 1990 there’s a high chance that there are asbestos-containing products. Asbestos is found in most older homes across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast and can be incredibly dangerous if disturbed or broken.

The Process

Working out what needs to be removed, how and when, are the first major steps. Do you need testing? B&C Asbestos Removal are happy to arrange this for you via our Building Inspections and Testing in conjunction with a NATA approved lab.

Licensed Asbestos Removal Experts

Here at B&C Asbestos Removals, we are a team of professional, experienced – and most importantly – A&B Class Licensed Asbestos Removal Experts servicing the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast regions.

Our asbestos removal techniques are safe and comply with all necessary regulations to ensure that there are no health or contamination risks. The asbestos product will be safely removed and disposed of at a registered waste facility in compliance with Australian law.