What is Bonded Asbestos?

Bonded (Class B) asbestos is less immediately dangerous than Class A and is part of a fibre-cement product. The asbestos is in bonded sheets where it’s deeply embedded in a hardened matrix. The sheets may be flat, corrugated or tubular.

As per the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2011, an independent competent person is needed to undertake a clearance inspection and issue a clearance certificate following any Class ‘B’ asbestos removal jobs.

Bonded Asbestos Products

  • Bonded Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Contaminated Land or Soil
  • Down Pipes Drains and Gutters
  • External Cladding
  • Fencing
  • Fires, Floods and Storm Damage
  • Gaskets and Rope Seals
  • Internal Walls and Ceiling Linings
  • Roof Sheeting
  • Soffits Fascia’s and Gables